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Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Riverside School of Medicine

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When it comes to your heart, seek out services from a physician that is well-educated, motivated, and experienced. Dr. Ashtiani and staff are continually learning about the latest and most advanced techniques and treatment options in order to ensure you get the highest degree of care. Our services are personalized to meet your individual health demands.

Life-Saving Services You Can Count On

Dr. Ashtiani is board

certified in cardiology, electrophysiology,

and cardiac rhythm management.


• Echocardiogram

• Carotid Doppler

• Arterial Doppler

• Venous Doppler

• CT Scan


• Exercise Stress Testing

• Pharmacological Stress Testing

• Holter Monitor Testing

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Dr. Ashtiani is all about meeting your needs and helping you get to your cardiac appointment with ease. We offer 2 locations, one in Victorville and another in Barstow. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your mileage. We welcome you to visit any one of our offices and get to know our Wonderful Staff today.

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