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Victorville, CA | 760-241-3547

Barstow, CA | 760-256-0328

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Riverside School of Medicine

Dr. Ashtiani Highly educated An elder with a physicist Stethoscope on a white surface

Healthy hearts

Ramin Ashtiani MD and staff care about your heart! We offer a variety of cardiac tests, treatments, and more at our office.

Professional care

We offer the latest in technology and most advanced cardiac procedures to ensure your health.

Highly educated

Competent staff

Thorough & complete

In addition to cardiac care, our office offers internal medicine services that you can rely on.

Our providers and staff care about you! From Electrophysiology to routine exams, trust in us.

Dr. Ashtiani is a board certified physician with a wealth of experience. Call us today.

are our lifeline.